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SAUNA Dome Oslo

The modern design sauna is located on Oslo’s central promenade, Kongen Marina

Clear glass coating, safe tempered glass. Oak construction with hidden stainless-steel nodes (joints). Natural oak, surface planed, unpainted. It has a tempered glass sash in a wooden frame. SAUNA Dome is mounted on a wooden terrace, installed on a raft.


  • Natural gravitational hot air circulation inside the sauna. The hot air source (shoulders) heats the air, which rises evenly upwards and cools down to the floor at the edges;
  • Clear glass ensures a natural connection with nature. You are closer to nature, but you are protected from its effects;
  • Aerodynamic design. Snow and lawn bypass the dome, and only when the sauna is turned on, the remnants of snow melts quickly;
  • Friendly design. The sauna’s geometry is copied from nature and is “closer to nature” than traditional buildings. Perfect for both traditional landscapes and urban areas.

Suitable for public service or private use

When providing public services at SAUNA Dome, it is possible to choose accessories – modules, which are equipped with a sanitary unit and a changing room. Sanitary modules are offered in 2 types, smaller and more extensive.

The module is manufactured in a factory with all interior decoration and plumbing, delivered to the installation site fully ready for use, mounted on a prepared base. All you have to do is connect the electrical and water inlets, and the module is ready for use.

Module facade options:

  • Frosted glass facade with LED lighting. Mostly used in urban areas;
  • Mirrored glass facade. Best suited for nature, mirrors reflect the environment, and the object “disappears” in the environment;
  • Wooden facade with cladding or planks. Simple traditional or modern execution;
  • Tin facade. Large selection of colors.